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  • Twenty Key Concepts from Psychotherapy

    Psychotherapy is one of the most valuable inventions of the last hundred years, with an exceptional power to raise our levels of emotional well-being, improve our relationships, redeem the atmosphere in our families and assist us in mining our professional potential. But it is also profoundly misunderstood and the subject of a host of unhelpful fantasies, hopes and suspicions. Its logic is rarely explained and its voice seldom heard with sufficient
  • How to lengthen your Life

    The normal way we set about trying to extend our lives is by striving to add more years to them - usually by eating more couscous and broccoli, going to bed early and running in the rain. But this approach may turn out to be quixotic, not only because Death can’t reliably be warded off with kale, but at a deeper level, because the best way to lengthen a life is not by attempting to stick more years on to its tail. One of the most basic facts about time isImage result for nicholas nixon brown sisters
  • Two Reasons Why You Might Still Be Single

    The common-sense explanation for long-term singlehood directs the blame firmly outwards, it isolates the problem to one of mechanics: one is still single because one hasn’t, perhaps on account of having moved to a vast and anonymous new city, been invited to enough parties, or because the constant requirement to fly to the Singapore office leaves no time for the right sort of socializing, or because one is holed up in a remote village high in the mountainsImage result for phoebe waller-bridge
  • How to Cope with an Avoidant Partner

    There are, for many of us, few people as attractive as the avoidant; the sort that are permanently a little mysterious; who don’t speak so much; around whom one never quite knows where one is; in whose eyes there is a faraway look, and perhaps a certain melancholy too; in whose hearts we intuit a sadness we long to, but never quite can, touch; people who seem to promise us intimacy and connection, and yet who remain - however long we have been with them -Image result for jean seberg breathless
  • An Alternative to Being Controlling

    Attempting to exert excessive control over another person within a relationship is one of the more disreputable of all contemporary activities. We win only contempt by ordering, declaiming, asking vehemently, stamping our feet and ending conversations with: ‘because I say so…’ We cannot, in a viable relationship, nowadays ever hope to secure what we want by issuing commands. It cannot work to insist that we are simply not - for example - going to get a dogImage result for duncan grant

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